Saturday, April 2

Bringing Herbal Wisdom to your Homeschool

Once upon a time, we lived on the road....for six years, we were a full-time roadschooling family, and we LOVED it!!!  I highly recommend everyone do it for a while, and you can follow the adventures and get tips for your family travels on our Roadschooling Page.

But then our circumstances and lifestyle changed.  Nowadays, you'll find us enjoying the peace that comes with living the rural life...and the hard work.  We've worked on various curriculums such as the Permaculture Science and Farming & Ranching units in the past couple of years.  Recently, I was reacquainted with Herbal Roots...

If you've been homeschooling any length of time, maybe you've had a curriculum that you picked up because it looked great, but you never used it...sometimes we pass them on to another family, and sometimes we hold on to them.  For me, I picked up Herbal Roots many many moons ago, but never could quite make it work for our family....until now!

What's included with the Herb Club?

Video Herb Club lessons include:
  • Plant identification
  • The medicinal, edible (if applicable), and other uses
  • Botany
  • How to draw the plant
  • How to make medicine with the plant
  • The plant’s story
  • Monthly Zoom sessions
  • **projected - an app for kids
Printable Herb Club lessons include:
  • Coloring pages
  • Four levels of curricula
    • Preschool/kindergarten
    • Primary (1-4 grade)
    • Intermediate (5-8 grade)
    • Secondary (9-12 grade)
  • Plus a corresponding eBook for each herb lesson (Herbal Roots zine ebook)

A few more notes...

Beginning June 2022, and launching each month thereafter, the Herb Club will offer new lessons until all 131 eBooks have corresponding video and written curriculum created for them.

When you join the Club, you will discover a growing community of families who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and are choosing to learn about the medicinal uses of herbs.

This is a space for all to come together to learn about herbs, build knowledge, skills, and a home apothecary, and discover the benefits of herbs with the support of others.

There are video lessons, ebooks, expanded curricula, coloring pages, recipes, tutorials, and an online community.

Club members have access to live sessions for parents to ask questions, make herbal remedies together, and build relationships with members on the same journey.

There are three options for joining:
  • $10 monthly membership
  • $99 annual membership
  • $897 lifetime membership

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