Thursday, October 24

Road Trip to San Francisco

Mom flew to San Francisco to run the Nike Women's Marathon (with Tiffany necklaces for finishers), while everyone else flew into northern California to visit family.....though they were nice enough to drive down, tour the city, and pick her up once the race was over.  While in San Francisco, we visited Fisherman's WharfGolden Gate Bridge park, and the Ghirardelli chocolate factory, amid other stops.
We headed back up to Sacramento to visit with the family some more, and spent the day at Old Sacramento, learning about California state history in the 19th century.  The kids were into Thomas the Tank Engine at this point, so we rode the train.  If you go, definitely spring for the First-Class treatment!!
One of the best things about the Nike Marathon was that it was girls' weekend out.  I had one of my best girls there exploring the city with me by foot.  She got up early and watched the race in the rain.  When hypothermia began to set in (I was not dressed for it to be so cold and rainy), she even weathered the cold to give me the sweatshirt off of her back!  You can't find better friends than that!
See these ugly old feet?  If I can run on them, day in and day out, then YOU can run, too!!!  Lace up and get outside.  And be happy that your feet are normal, and aren't capable of performing funky party tricks.....

Since this road trip, there was an accident that resulted in numerous surgeries and my owning my very own little scooter and handicapped parking pass.  I can no longer run, and some days can barely walk, but these memories continue to propel me forward.  The doctors cannot always predict the future, and I fully intend to prove them wrong.  

If there's anyone more stubborn than myself, I haven't met him or her yet.  If neuro-rewiring is a thing, I intend to make it happen.  Come back in a couple of years to see pictures from my next marathon!!

Check out our San Fran-themed unit studies!!!


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