Monday, October 28

Easy Homemade Beeswax Food Wrap

One way to cut down on waste and be a frugal mom is to make your own beeswax food wrap.  It can be used as a replacement for foil, plastic wrap, or sandwich bags...  

A few things you'll want to know...
  • Just get it a little bit warm (hold it in your hands) and then shape it over what you are covering.  When it cools, it will hold that shape to create a seal.
  • Don't put it in the microwave or dishwasher.  This will melt the wax, damaging your wrap and the items near it.
  • Wash it by hand with soapy water.
  • Don't use this to store raw meat.

Grab your list of ingredients (below) and prep your cloth.  Cut it into the size(s) that you want, using pinking shears to keep the edges from fraying.

You'll need:
  • pinking shears 
  • cloth (cotton remnants work well)
  • paintbrush (throwaway or craft brush)
  • tin foil
  • wax paper
  • rolling pin
  • cookie sheet with lip
  • wax pastilles   
  • Cover the pan and lip with tin foil -- this will make clean up MUCH easier, plus it'll save your pans!
  • Lay out your material and sprinkle beeswax on it.  
  • In this photo, we're using the pastilles.  We also used some of the beeswax chunks from our own hives.  It will melt faster if you use smaller pieces, like these pastilles.
  • Place in the oven - preheated to 250 - for about five minutes.  Be sure to peek in every so often.  When they begin to look like the cloth on the left, give it two more minutes.  Pull the pan from the oven, and use the paintbrush to smooth out any bigger pieces of wax still left.
  • If you accidentally forget, and leave it in the oven for ten or fifteen minutes, it will completely melt the pastilles but may not smooth them out evenly. 
  • Pull them off the tin foil and place in single layers on wax paper.  Use a rolling pin to flatten completely.  Allow to cool overnight.
It makes perfect sense, but it took my son to come up with this additional step to our process.  Just like you'd use something oil-based (like cooking spray) to keep your baked goods from sticking to the pan, we're using water spray to keep the oil-based beeswax from sticking!  This definitely made things move a little faster...  He came up with another great tip, too, that you can see at the end of the video!

In the video, you see the piece we've been using for the past five or six years.  Since we had just a little bit more beeswax than we needed, we went ahead and gave this one a second it should be good for another six years!

Not sure about making your own yet?  Try out pre-made Bees Wrap!

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