Thursday, January 3

Winter : A Season for Rejuvenation was our word for the year back in 2017...and today's post is all about how winter is a season of rejuvenation.  It's a time for rest, relaxation, and family togetherness.  (Our word for 2019 is Grace.)
Outside, autumn's hard work helps to keep us warm through winter.  Inside, our old-fashioned clothes dryer helps keep the humidity tolerable.

A family tradition....we took advantage of the icy cold to mix up a batch of hard candy.  Make your own with this recipe!

We found some math the brick patterns and the contrast of a bright, warm inside to the cold, brisk outside/

It's a time for rejuvenation.  The whole world seems to sleep peacefully...
The chickens huddle in their toasty coop and the gardens rest under a blanket of snow; everything rests in preparation for spring.

Winter is a time for cleansing....clearing off the brush from last year's storms and letting the land get ready for spring.

This is how we sled....and how we fall!

Unlike our friends up north, the pond still isn't solid enough to skate on.

Even with her broken foot, the boys found a way to help mom sled...

...because, most of all, it's a time for joy!

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