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God Bless the USA!

Travel is my favorite way to learn geography! In God Bless the USA Exploring States & Territories, we explore each state as if we are on a trip exploring the exciting spots...

Want to travel across the USA to visit all 50 states and 5 territories?  We used to do this very thing during our roadschooling life, but (thank you, 'rona) life is a little more virtual these days.  In God Bless the USA, we get to visit beautiful parks, historic landmarks, bustling cities, and quaint towns as we discover our vast country....

This geography adventure introduces students to rivers, oceans, lakes, forests, mountains, caves, and other landforms.  They discover cities, highways, companies, churches, museums, as they map, research, draw, and travel from state to state.

God Bless the USA - Exploring States & Territories

This is the spine text to the curriculum -- the one you will definitely need!  After an introduction to the entire country, the spine text breaks the states down by region.  Some curricula studying the states alphabetically, but I find that it helps the kids to better internalize the geographic concepts when they are studied by region.

Each state regional section includes:
  • Overview of Region
  • List of States (or territories) in Region
  • Map of USA—student colors in region
  • Regional Resources
  • Regional Climate
  • Regional Culture/Food
  • Regional Blank Outline Map
Each individual state includes:
  • Mapping geographic concepts
  • State Facts
  • Highlights from Each State
  • Climate & Physical Geography
  • Business & Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Research Project
  • Drawing

God Bless the USA State Capitals & Abbreviations

This isn't just a dry book of facts, but contains an explanation of capitals, capitols, and the difference between them, as well as why we use state abbreviations.  From there, the book is divided up into the following sections: Southern states, Mid-Atlantic states, New England states, Southwest states, Western states, Pacific states, and Territories.

Each section includes:
  • Map with states and capital
  • Chart with states, abbreviations, capitals, statehood date, and population
  • Quick intro to each state capital and state capitol
  • Printable practice pages for mapping and state facts
  • Color in States

God Bless the USA State Flags & Seals

With a specific focus on flags and seals, this is another hands-on addition to the spine curriculum.  It includes an interesting and easy-to-understand explanation of flags and why each state has a flag.  Each state includes:
  • State Flag
  • State Seal
  • Family Crests, Flags, & Seals
  • State Flag/Seal/Map Games
  • Discussion Questions

God Bless the USA State Stamps & Coins

This additional hands-on booklet opens up with an easy-to-understand explanation of stamps and why the US Postal Service issued a stamp for each state and territory.  There is also a section on state coins opens up with an easy-to-understand explanation of the US Mint’s special state quarters.  From there, the book is divided up into the following sections: Southern states, Mid-Atlantic states, New England states, Southwest states, Western states, Pacific states, and Territories.  
Each section includes:
  • State Stamps
  • State Coins
  • State Stamp/Coin/Map Games
  • Make a Family Stamp
  • Printables

God Bless the USA State Sorting Mats

For the littles in your life, these sorting mats are a great way to practice cutting and pasting.  Fifty-five sorting mats are included, each covering state flag, seal, stamp, quarter, abbreviation, and the state name.  Print on cardstock and laminate for extended life!  As an aside, you can use these in a game format with older kids, too...just mix up all the pieces and let them sort and match.

Who would like this?

This curriculum would be great in a family-style homeschool setting.  The spine text can be read aloud by the parent, while each student gets their own copy of the workbooks to write in or cut and paste, based on age appropriate levels.  Older kids have research options to beef it up to their level, too.  For the family who wants to do a USA geography study together, this provides several options for tailoring to each student's level.  That's not to say it MUST be completed family-style, however, as older kids could easily work through the spine text and workbooks alone with minimal supervision.  The books come with a sample schedule to help you break down the lessons and complete the work.  Do this over a fun summer, or spread it out for an entire semester of geography!

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