Tuesday, September 21

Fun Fall Crafts

Spider Socks

These are really easy spiders to make, and they used up the socks that have been in the laundry basket for forever.
To make:
  • Roll the sock up all the way so that it makes a tight little bun, with the toe seam at the middle. 
  • Poke a hole through the middle and thread a piece of string or elastic through the hole.
  • Tie a knot to hold it there. 
  • Take 8 black pipe-cleaners and bend them to create legs. 
  • Hot glue these to the sides of your sock roll.
  • Hot glue googly-eyes to the front of your spider. 
  • Tie a hook at the top of your string, and hang up your spider! 

Fall Wreath

  • Scatter the fake leaves all around the Styrofoam.  Try to mix up the yellows, oranges, and reds so that they're not all with the same colors.
  • Hot glue the leaves to the Styrofoam.
  • Hot glue the fake pom-poms around the Styrofoam to cover up the ends of the leaves.
  • Twist the pipe cleaners so that they are like curly-ques.
  • Stick them into the Styrofoam about 1/2" so that they will stay and will stick out and make it shiny.
  • Use another pipe cleaner for the hook.  Twist it to make a loop and then hot glue the ends to the Styrofoam so that it will hold.
  • Hang it on your door!
This post was brought to you by the Flying Ace!

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