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My Long List of Impossible Things + Post-War Germany

Germany suffered total defeat at the hands of the Allies in World War 2.  Upon the war's end the three largest Allies - United Kingdom, United States, and Soviet Union - had to agree on how to handle a broken and defeated country...

Early in 1945, before the war ended, Hitler committed suicide and many of the generals surrendered to the Allies.  Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin held the Yalta Conference to determine Germany's future.  They agreed to split it into four occupation zones, controlled by the Soviet Union, America, Britain, and France.  The German capital, Berlin, was seated inside the Soviet zone, but the city itself was split into four pieces.  The goal was to prevent Germany from ever starting a war in Europe again.

The Soviet portions of Germany fell under Communist rule, while the Western-controlled regions began rebuilding and instating Capitalistic systems.  Regardless of where they lived, no German citizen was allowed to have arms, and the German military was disbanded.  Displaced concentration camp survivors, and forced laborers and prisoners, were trying to find their place inside Germany or their way back home.  German POWs were kept as forced laborers for several years to help restore the countries Germany had devastated during the war.  It was a time of gloom and chaos for the country.

In 1949, Germany officially became two separate states.  The German Democratic Republic (GDR) is what we commonly know as East Germany, and was ruled by the Soviets.  The Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) is what we know as West Germany, and was ruled by the western countries.  It wasn't until 1961 that the Berlin Wall was erected, separating the city in two.  The capital city was a stark display of the contrast in the lifestyle differences for citizens between Communist and Capitalist countries.  The wall did not come down until 1990, when Germany was reunited.

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Our spine read for this unit is:
  • My Long List of Impossible Things  
    • The arrival of the Soviet army in Germany at the end of World War II sends sixteen-year-old Katja and her family into turmoil. The fighting has stopped, but German society is in collapse, resulting in tremendous hardship. With their father gone and few resources available to them, Katja and her sister are forced to flee their home, reassured by their mother that if they can just reach a distant friend in a town far away, things will get better. But their harrowing journey brings danger and violence, and Katja needs to summon all her strength to build a new life, just as she’s questioning everything she thought she knew about her country.  Katja’s bravery and defiance help her deal with the emotional and societal upheaval.  But how can she stay true to herself and protect the people she loves when each decision has such far-reaching consequences?

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  • Language Arts
    • Finding Langston & the Poetry of Langston Hughes
  • Geography
    • Anne of Green Gables & Canadian Provinces
    • Stowaway & Antarctica
    • Julie of the Wolves & Alaska
    • Blades of Freedom & the Louisiana Purchase
    • The Avion My Uncle Flew & France
  • History
    • Zlata’s Diary & the Slavic Wars
    • Freedom Summer & the Summer of 1964
    • Treasure Island & Pirates of the Caribbean Sea
    • Farenheit 451 & Types of Government
    • Red Stars & Russia in World War 2
    • The Great Gatsby & the Roaring Twenties
    • The Long List of Impossible Things & Post-War Germany
    • A Tale of Two Cities & French Revolution
    • Witch of Blackbird Pond & Salem Witch Trials
    • The World Made New & Early Explorers
    • Stitching a Life & Jewish Immigration
  • Life Skills
    • Teetoncey & Lifesaving Skills
    • Freak of the Week & Disabilities Awareness
    • Island of the Blue Dolphins & Sailing
  • Science
    • The Science of Breakable Things & the Scientific Method
    • Frankenstein & Human Anatomy
    • Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation & Albert Einstein

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