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Putting Good Books in Our Teens' Hands {GIVEAWAY}

Yvie and I met through The Good & the Beautiful curriculum support group.  She is an avid proponent of this curriculum, even hosting a curriculum extensions page, and I have been extremely happy using it in our own homeschool.  We share a common love of good literature!

One of the main tenets of TGTB is the use of "good books," both within the curriculum and in extracurricular reading.  Much of modern literature is flooded with negative messages about education, family, and moral character, but these books are entertaining and appealing to youth.  These are not good books.  They don't inspire or teach good values, and many don't even challenge the reader to grow their vocabulary.

Good books will provide students:

  • A varied & rich vocabulary
  • Increased focus, concentration and memory
  • Longer attention span
  • Stronger analytical thinking skills
  • Greater empathy for others
  • Improved writing skills
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased knowledge of history people place cultures
  • More depth of character 

There is a fabulous and FREE book list available to download for you to get started on the journey to filling your shelves with good books!  You do NOT have to use the curriculum to use their book list.  It is just a guide of vetted, 'good' books.  Download the Good & the Beautiful book list here.

Why did I decide to write a book?

Every child likes a great mystery and interactive riddles. What if we find interactive riddles and engaging mystery in the same book?

That is the thought which drove me to write this particular book series in which children can get hooked on mind-bending original riddles and captivating mysteries.

What is the ETHAN MURPHY book all about?

I invite you all to get a glimpse into behind the scenes of this Middle-Grade mystery and adventure series. I hope you stick until the end to get the giveaway's details, especially for my fellow homeschoolers and their incredible adventurers.

Ethan Murphy is a fifteen-year-old boy with unique puzzle-solving abilities. He heads out to rescue his mysteriously abducted aunt, only to find himself in the middle of ruthless gangs and tribes.

Ethan learns about the secret life of his father and the ROM agency.

He and his team needs to solve complex codes and riddles written by his dad to retrieve a precious gem-the Minal and rescue his aunt from a dangerous gang.

Can Ethan and his friends solve every challenge thrown in their way and complete the assignment.

Join them on this quest for the Minal.

Yvie says.....

I had a chance to read this book with my boys, both teens, and they really enjoyed it!  It has codes and ciphers, the intrigue of a mystery (which ends in another mystery...), and good characters.  We can't wait to read the second one and see what happens next!

Why does ETHAN MURPHY need a series?

I'm sure every parent here knows how children get hooked to the characters they like. And how they wish to read more about them.

It's the same with my children; they love Ethan, Grace, and Steve a lot. Also, they wanted to explore different places while solving codes and riddles alongside the characters.

Hence, the ETHAN MURPHY book shouted at the top of its lungs to make itself a series.

Why should you read this book?

You should definitely read this book so that I don't have to go on quests for lost treasures, and I can spend time writing new books and homeschooling my children. :-)

Actually, if you like clean language and high moral values in a book, then this book deserves a place in your little one's hands.

What is the importance of good language in children's books?

Children get inspired by everything they see, listen to, or read. And what they read significantly affects their personality and behavior. 

Sneak Peek into Book 2 - The Race for the Incan Crown!

Thirteen-year-old Ethan, a genius at riddles and puzzles, is still settling into his new life at ROM Agency when a mysterious break-in turns his whole world upside down. A strange letter, a stolen assignment book, and the release of a dreaded criminal make matters worse!  The assignment book holds the details of his dad’s lifelong dream—to unearth the Incan crown. When Ethan learns that his missing dad’s dream is at stake, he sets out to fulfill it.  Can Ethan find the hidden crown before the criminal’s gang?  Join Ethan and his friends in the race for the Incan crown.

The alphabet soup is back again, with codes to break and riddles to solve!  This time, we follow Ethan, Grace, and Steve to Peru in search of a mysterious crown.  Ethan is coming to terms with his relationship with his father, as this is his father's last quest, and one he wants to complete to honor his dad.  We meet an interesting cast of characters along the way...from Matilda's evil henchmen to a boy-guide to a group of natives who try to hold the ROM Agents hostage!  Several twists and turns keep the reader engaged above and beyond the riddles....for any child who is fascinated by mysteries, this one is sure to please.

Freebie!!  Today & tomorrow ONLY, download the e-book version of Ethan Murphy and the Quest for the Minal totally free!

Giveaway!!  The author has generously offered FIVE WINNERS an autographed, paperback copy of  Ethan Murphy and the Quest for the Minal.

Enter to win on the Homeschooling Upper Grades landing page!

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Who am I?

Finally, I got a chance to talk about myself. Phew!

I'm a celebrity, you know, just like every other homeschooling mom out there. 

I'm an engineer, middle-grade teacher, and a proud homeschooling mama of two beautiful (sometimes mischievous) kids.

Seriously, do you want to know more about me? Great, click here: About | Anita Mishra              Subscribe | Anita Mishra

What inspired me to become an author?

'Be the change you want to see in the world.' - Mahatma Gandhi

This sentence touched me a long time ago when I was a little girl; since then, I'm trying to be the change I wish to see around me. 

I see many new children's books on the market use foul language and crude humor to sell books, which I find inappropriate. :-)

I, like every homeschooling mom, am very particular about what kind of books my children read. Also, I wanted to contribute to the existing beautiful literature in the world. Hence, I started writing books.

If you have any questions on writing, publishing, or homeschooling in general, reach out to me. I'll be glad to assist.

Facebook: Anita Mishra | Facebook

Last but not least- thank you!

I want to thank Yvie for allowing me to connect with this beautiful homeschool community.  Thank you, dear Yvie, for being such a wonderful person.

Also, thank you, dear reader, for stopping by and learning about ETHAN MURPHY and the Quest for the Minal.  Enjoy the book, and have a great new year, 2021!

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