Tuesday, July 21

Road Trip to Maryland

Baltimore....Annapolis....an artists' colony in Grantsville....this trip took us across the state!

Our travels were based from Odenton, where the kids' aunt & uncle were stationed, but we spent most of the time in either Baltimore (the kids were VERY into pirates at this point, and their aunt found a fabulous adventure!) or Annapolis.

In Annapolis, we visited the US Naval Academy and toured Historic Annapolis.
In Baltimore, we spent an entire afternoon aboard a pirate ship captained by the Urban Pirates.
Feeling 'beachy,' we headed to the Chesapeake Bay for a picnic and afternoon of surf.  Find a parking spot, and you've got yourself an afternoon of free fun.

An art colony or artists' colony is a place where creative practitioners live and interact with one another...

Leaving the area to head for another road trip stop, we visited Spruce Village in Grantsville, MD, a non profit organization aimed at preserving and promoting crafts and traditions that have been part of the local mountain heritage for generations. Visitors are encouraged to stop in the artist studios inside the cabins, where the artists work and display and sell their art. Classes and artist workshops are also available throughout the summer.

Did we know any of that when we rolled off the highway...desperately in search of lunch? Nope. But what a pleasant surprise!!!!!!!

This artisan was creating wooden salt and pepper shakers, bowls, and platters.  They were beautiful!!  Some of the artists use reclaimed materials to create new works, such as this metal worker.  We were asked not to take photos inside...but these recycled pieces were breathtaking!
Also at the colony is the House of Yoder.  The house is modeled after the homes built in the  mid-1700s by Yoder immigrants from Switzerland.  Inside the Yoder House, you can view an excellent presentation of Yoder history in Europe, and research Yoder genealogy in the Genealogy Lab.  We just enjoyed poking around the house, appreciating the architecture and construction and taking notes on the fantastic root cellar!!
We ate lunch at the Penn Alps restaurant first -- it was ok, albeit a bit overpriced.  This was a great place to stop, grab a bite to eat, and stroll around to stretch our legs.  The scenery was like stepping into another time and place!

Within the long-term colony (residents living there year-round) are a soap maker and a weaver.  If you're ever passing through Grantsville, take an hour to mosey around the village and watch the craftsmen at work.  AND if you can get there around Christmastime, check out their events calendar!!

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