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MarshMedia {Review}

This review was originally published June 2017 on our Gypsy Road site.

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }Remember back in school, when they would separate the boys and the girls into different classrooms and you would spend a week on ‘health education?’  The videos that you watched probably came from this company – MarshMedia.  They produce health education videos for elementary and middle schoolers – and now they’re expanding into the homeschool market, so you’ll have access to the same materials that the schools do.

The first thing I want to address is ‘using the same materials as the public schools.’  I realize this goes against the homeschooling grain, but these are well-made, informative, basic videos that, while not being outright religious, are not in any way inappropriate for the Christian household.  They are straightforward with a Joe Friday approach.  (For you younger folks, that’s Dragnet : “Just the facts, ma’am.”)
Their videos cover many relevant topics, including health, puberty, safety, nutrition, hygiene, and more.  There is even a video in their collection about what to do during a school shooting.  Granted, that’s not one most homeschool families would need, but it could be used as a jumping off point for what to do if you’re in the mall / Walmart / Disney World and someone opens fire.  …..and isn’t it just a little sad that we even have to discuss this with our five year olds today?  I digress.

MarshMedia is opening up their video collection to homeschoolers – they will be able to subscribe on a month to month basis to the entire collection of videos.  Each one is only 10 to 15 minutes long, so it would be feasible to watch every single one in a month, if you were inclined to do so. 

There are videos geared specifically toward boys, specifically toward gears, and for both genders.  We opted only to watch the ones geared toward boys during our month.  As a mom who knows little to nothing about actually experiencing boyhood puberty, it was nice to let someone (or the video, in this case) else take the lead on teaching them the things they need to know. 

Here are some of the highlights we found :
  • Meet the New You for Boys – This is an introduction to puberty for younger students who are not ready to learn about reproduction, but who should be aware of changes that may begin to occur soon.  This video is geared toward elementary school, and its visual nature made it easy to understand.  (And by visual, I mean drawings, not real photographs.)  Since children are going through puberty considerably earlier than when we were kids, I like that they’ve made one at this young level.
  • Growing Up : Boys – This video was geared toward 5th-7th graders, but it seemed to be more toward upper elementary school to us.  My husband watched this one with the boys, more to answer any residual questions they may have (there were none, of course), and he agreed that it seemed aimed a bit lower than middle school.  It covers puberty, hygiene, self-esteem, and the basics of reproduction.  This video set off some very interesting conversations about tree and animal reproduction on the farm…
  • I Know How to Act – This video focuses on social behaviors, including friendship, dating, leadership, and other social behaviors.  It features students from a typical classroom alongside students with special needs, and helps each group to better understand the other’s actions.  One thing I would have like to see more emphasis on is the digital world which has swept up our youngsters, and how to navigate it.  However, maybe this is one that is currently in production.  If not, they should definitely make a Part II to this video that focuses on social media.  (hint hint)
  • A Boy’s Guide to Growing Up – This video was designed for the boy with special needs, specifically for children with mild to moderate disabilities.  As a mom of one with special needs, I really appreciate that they’ve made a line of videos for these children.  Students with disabilities still need to learn and understand the nuances of growing up, but it can be difficult to break it down in a way that is clear and developmentally-appropriate.  The videos do just that.  You can see their entire special needs collection here.
Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }
Just the Facts :
  • Various videos aimed at separate genders and separate age groups, from Kindergarten to 8th grade
  • Videos for special needs children
  • For short attention spans - only 10-15 minutes each
  • Available as a subscription on a month to month basis
  • Streamed directly from online
  • Also available in Spanish
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