Novel Studies

This is an outline of the materials we will be creating for our Hi-Lo readers in middle and high school. We have tried to select literature that has both entertainment quality and moral value.

As unit studies are created for each, the links will become active. All of the teaching guides linked below are free.

Series Units

  • Nick & Tesla science series
    • These adventures use science-experiments to solve the problem! Each book includes hands-on projects.
      • High-Voltage Danger Lab
      • Robot Army Rampage
      • Secret Agent Gadget Battle
      • Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove
      • Special Effects Spectacular
      • Solar-Powered Showdown 
State-Specific Books

Graphic Novels
A careful mix of text and visuals, graphic novels help to bring stories to life for lower-skilled readers. These are our favorite series for science and history...

Singlets (not in a series)
  • Code Talker & unit study 
  • Within These Lines & unit study**

Off-Site Units

**These have a higher reading level than your traditional hi-lo reader will tackle at first, but many kids are interested in going for it!  (Start with non-starred books, unless it's a topic that your student is already very interested in.)

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