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Farming Books for Elementary (Interest-Led Learning)

One of our sons is more the hands-on, outdoors type of kid.  He works hard and has great work ethic, but doesn't really plan to continue schooling beyond graduation.  He's not a fan of reading, but enjoys reading about working with animals and the land.  If you've got a kid like this....this list is for you!

**It should be noted that these farm-themed books are for elementary-aged children.  There is a separate book list for middle & high schoolers here.**

Farm & Homestead Books for Elementary School

Lower Elementary

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Upper Elementary

Caddie Woodlawn
Diary of an Early American Boy

Arts & Crafts: Seed Art

Using pumpkin seeds, corn, peas, wheat berries, or any other hard seed, create your own nature art!  You'll need seeds, glue, construction paper, paint, and a little creativity.  (Parents should supervise younger children as small seeds can be a choking hazard.)

Build Your Own Homestead Little Learner’s Homestead Science

This elementary curriculum is an interactive homeschool curriculum that will introduce your child to small scale farming. This one of a kind homestead curriculum is designed for pre-school through to 3rd or 4th grade depending on your child and whether this will be used as a full curriculum or supplemental to another curriculum.  

Build Your Own Homestead is designed to give your child a better understanding of where their food comes from. This allows them to take ownership in providing food for the family whether that’s understanding what they are choosing at the grocery store, helping you tend to the garden, or gathering eggs from your chickens.  Homesteading is a science on multiple different levels. Agriculture, animal science, food science, experimentation, and social science are used everyday on the homestead.
*Homestead NOT required*

For more on homesteading, check out the Homesteading Course at SchoolhouseTeachers!

This homeschool homesteading course is designed for anyone who has a desire to live more independently and prepare much of what is needed each day using their own hands. In this elective course, the student can learn how to work for what they want by making it themselves, instead of participating in an “on demand” society. Homeschool students of all ages learn patience, along with the skills needed to make their own cleaners for the home, sunscreen, homemade ketchup and dry mixes, as well as how to choose animals and prepare for emergencies, and much more. Learning the patience and usefulness of “doing it yourself” can be immensely helpful not only in the sense of living a healthier life, but also for the budget!

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