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Enjoy the Season with Thanksgiving & Autumn Studies

We're all about the #HolidayHomeschool fun!  Why not incorporate the seasons into your homeschool?  You'll be excited, your kids will be excited, and it mixes things up a bit.  Here are our two favorite family-style units that we've used and loved for autumn.  These include most core subjects, hands-on projects, character work, and a lot of family togetherness!

A Gentle Thanksgiving

**November 1st through the 7th, save 25% on this unit, no code needed.**

These morning time plans, scripture journal, and activities will make your gentle learning a delight for this season of gratitude and reflection.  A Gentle Thanksgiving brings your whole family together for a delightful study of thanksgiving and worship for the month of November!  There are 24 days of lessons, activities, and Scripture journaling to focus hearts and hands on service, gratitude, and praise.  Some days are shorter, and some are longer, so you can work around your schedule.  These are designed to be done family style.

I love the way that the Gentle series is set up because we can do them family-style, and that's become a rarity these days with everyone in 9th grade or above.  We did many family-style studies through the elementary and into the middle school years, but once the kids hit high school, they began to go their separate ways with academics.  A Gentle Thanksgiving (and the Gentle Advent units) give us a chance to reconvene and learn together again.  At Christmas time, we typically take a few days completely off of school and utilize the studies for a full week of fun, but with A Gentle Thanksgiving, we are doing one lesson each day in our morning time.  Some days take a bit longer than others, and I've shuffled those longer lessons around into days that are less crowded with appointments, dual enrollment classes, and whatnot, but each lesson has been relaxed, engaging, and a nice throw-back to those days of family learning.  I'm thankful for getting to revisit them before another graduates, leaving only one at home next year!

A Gentle Thanksgiving includes:
  • history
  • nature study
  • read alouds (with a recommended reading list)
  • hand-crafts
  • baking
  • poetry tea time
  • life skills
  • music & hymns
  • art study
  • artist study
  • composer study
  • copywork

Take a peek inside A Gentle Thanksgiving!!

Planning ahead for the #HolidayHomeschool season?


This Charlotte Mason style unit study is designed for the entire family to use together.  You'll choose your read aloud (and can snag it from the library), and the unit has everything else you'll need (excepting art supplies and baking stuff).  This is a great family project as it has a wide range of activities offered that covers all grade levels.

Autumn includes:

  • Schedule 
  • Memory Work 
  • Recommended Books 
  • Artist Study 
  • Hymn/Folk Song 
  • Composer Study 
  • Copywork 
  • Poetry 
  • Geography 
  • Tea Times 
  • Nature Study 
  • Shakespeare 
  • Handicraft 
  • Art Lesson 
  • Mother Culture 
  • Brush Drawing 

Take a peek inside the Autumn unit!

If these look a little similar to you, you're not wrong!!  A Gentle Thanksgiving is hosted by the Homeschool Garden, which recently sold most of its stock to Awaken to Delight.  I've heard from some readers that links are not working to access units, such as the ones below, but they will soon be available again at the new site.'s definitely worth the wait.  These are amazing units -- check out the reviews to peek inside them.  I've had a chance to check out the revised units at the new host, and they don't lose any of the good stuff....they've just added even more handcrafts, projects, and fun stuff!


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