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Christmas Around the World with Techie Homeschool Mom {Review}

We like to take the month of December each year for a little 'Christmas-schooling,' covering our major subjects while also adding in the joy and excitement of the holiday season!  One of the boys' favorite ways to do this is through various 'Around the World' activities.  The online unit study from Techie Homeschool Mom provides lessons in geography, culture, and old-world craft activities in a new-world (digital) learning environment...

Peek inside the Christmas Around the World unit, and see how you can snag online unit studies for FREE!

What is an online unit study?

Online Unit Studies integrate multiple subjects for multiple ages of students. Students access websites and videos and complete digital projects.  The parent just needs to gather supplies for hands-on projects and register for online tools; no additional books and print resources are needed.

The units are designed for children mid-elementary to middle school age who can read and navigate the Internet on their own.  The units are self-paced, and you have access to it for life!

The Christmas Around the World bundle includes:

  • Christmas in Ghana
  • Christmas in Germany
  • Christmas in Sweden
  • Christmas in Japan
  • Christmas in Mexico
  • Christmas in The Philippines
  • Christmas in France
  • Christmas in Australia
  • Christmas in Russia
  • Christmas in Brazil
  • Project: Christmas Feast
You can go here to check out the “Christmas in France” preview lesson.

Since we had already studied Japan this year, during the Summer Olympics, we skipped down and started with this country.  The Japan unit includes:
  • Where is Japan? - basic geography & culture
  • About Japan - interesting facts
  • Christmas in Japan - video about traditions
  • Project - hands on craft making gift wrap
Some of our other favorite projects from other countries were making the heat engine (this recreates the Christmas Pyramid) in Germany and baking Pryaniki (spiced cookies) in Russia.

For January, we're already planning to complete the Chinese New Year and Martin Luther King Jr units.  For families who really love this set up and want a unit study for every holiday, be sure to snag the discounted Holiday Bundle, which studies the history and customs of popular holidays by exploring online resources and completing hands-on and digital projects.  

Check out the Holiday Bundle and preview St. Patrick's Day.

History, Science, and Technology Education

You'll find more than holiday units, however.  Some of our other favorites (we may or may not have gone a little nuts with picking these up, since one of my sons really gravitated toward them!) include:

Our son's favorite unit, however, was the Graphic Design with Canva course.  This one isn't just for kids -- if you're doing any graphics for a blog, small business, or otherwise, it's a good beginning course to help you navigate the platform and create amazingly beautiful graphics!

The course covers:
  • Basics of graphic design
  • Typography
  • Colors & Images
  • Composition & Layouts
  • Careers in graphic design

There are two courses available that I find incredibly helpful for parents, especially us older ones who are fumbling our way through an educational world that has gone digital, when we grew up on pen and paper!  

The Guide to Digital Student Projects includes step-by-step video tutorials for creating projects that fit with any lesson plan. Your family will learn to create:
  • … Illustrated Quote Graphics
  • … Online Crossword Puzzles and Word Games
  • … Vocabulary Word Clouds
  • … Quiz Game Apps
  • … Virtual Newspapers
  • … Time Travel Journals
Check out the Time Travel Journal preview here

The Guide to Digital Homeschool Organization will help you simplify and synchronize digital learning, plus develop a simple method to organize all your digital homeschool resources.

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