Tuesday, April 6

The Great Gatsby & the Roaring Twenties

Nicknamed the "Roaring Twenties" (in France, the decade was known as the 'annees folles,' or crazy years) because the times were hopping, the period between the end of WWI and the Great Depression came with great changes in fashion, entertainment, industry, and culture...it was the Bees' Knees!

Following World War I, America experienced a period of rapid industrial growth and cultural shift. Automobiles, telephones, movies, radio, and electrical appliances all became household items. Aviation and flight became its own industry. The entertainment business of movie-making became a viable industry. In the music industry, jazz and Tin Pan Alley were entering the mix, along with some crazy new dances!

With all of these new inventions, anything and everything seemed possible! This era is marked by a feeling of excitement and novelty. It was also marked by anti-immigration feelings, a political shift (from women winning the right to vote), and a focus on celebrities. The good times rolled for nearly a decade until October 29, 1929, when Black Tuesday ushered in the Great Depression, ending the Roaring Twenties.

Our spine read for this unit is 
The Great Gatsby

Access the complete unit in the American History Novel Studies Bundle!

Includes sixteen unit studies covering American History. Each unit addresses a new topic, spanning the Revolutionary War to Vietnam.  Each unit has introductory text, which will give the student basic background information about the topic at hand.

  • There are photographs and illustrations, and we have also included primary documents when available.
  • After this text, there are featured videos, which augment the background information and help make the topic more accessible for more visual students.
  • You will also find a short list of reading books, including a featured novel that the unit builds upon.
  • There are vocabulary words, places, and people to identify.
  • Reading comprehension, critical thinking questions, and writing assignments are included.
  • We add fun with hands-on activities and extra videos to watch that will bring the era to life.
  • Some units also have cooking projects.

These studies are directed toward upper grades students, but some have resources for younger students so that the whole family can work together. Our family has used unit studies as curriculum for many years, and we hope that your family will enjoy these, too!

Product sample:  Paper Son & Angel Island Immigration  & Within These Lines & Japanese Internment

  • Casualties of War & Vietnam War
  • No Promises in the Wind & the Great Depression
  • Out of the Dust & the Dust Bowl
  • The Watsons Go to Birmingham & Civil Rights
  • Dusty Sourdough & Alaska
  • The King of Mulberry Street & Ellis Island Immigration
  • Paper Son & Angel Island Immigration
  • The Red Menace & McCarthyism
  • Johnny Tremain & Faces of the American Revolution
  • Sounder & Sharecropping
  • World War II Code Talkers
  • Flashback Four: Hamilton-Burr Duel
  • Within These Lines & Japanese Internment Camps
  • Flashback Four: Titanic Mission
  • Flashback Four: Lincoln Project
  • The Diviners / The Great Gatsby & Roaring Twenties

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