Tuesday, October 6

Roadschool Trip to the US Mint

My children despise math.  But they love money!  So what better way to get into a new year of math than a visit to the US Mint?  

Here, we learned about the history of money, how money is made, and why we use money.  We also got a little lesson in why knowing your basic math facts will help you not get cheated when the cash register malfunctions...

Did you know that the US Mint has its very own police force?  It's one of the oldest federal police forces in the nation.  Officers are responsible for protecting over $100 billion in government assets, including the gold supply at Fort Knox.

The mint is HUGE!  As you follow the long hallways, you can see money being produced each step of the way.  Be sure to check out the unit study below to see each step in-depth and create your own money!
Did you know that the first public building constructed under the new Constitution was the mint in Philadelphia?

The mint at Philadelphia is the oldest of the U.S. Mint facilities. There are also mints in San Francisco, Denver, and West Point.  Philadelphia is the location responsible for manufacturing the dies used to mint coins, making Congressional medals and uncirculated coins, and making commemorative medals.  This is all in addition to producing regular, for-circulation, coins.

Here's a unit all about the history of money and using money in your math.  It is appropriate for elementary and middle school...and Chester Comix are even entertaining for older kids!

Money Unit

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