Wednesday, March 6

Recycled History --> Costumes, Props & Living History!

A few years ago, my sons just had to have the new Lego Mindstorms's a programmable robot, and it does some pretty neat stuff, but I was not shelling out $300 for a toy!!!  I made them a deal.  They'd have to earn $200, and they could use $100 from birthday and Christmas money to purchase it.  (I'm so mean...right?)

After doing a bake sale, helping with a garage sale, and running the farm stand, they were still a little short.  So they put together an arts & crafts book about making costumes and props from around the house's called Recycled History.

Designed by a kid, and for kids, these projects will keep them enthusiastic about learning! All projects are created with items found around the house....many that would be headed for the trash bin....and the book includes directions and photo-directions.  
Projects are history-based, and span from ancient civilizations to modern times. They are designed to get kids excited about learning, and include sculpture, costumes, flat art, woodworking, and more!

Product Review
"Although it's written by a young man, it's got some fantastic ideas!! This is the first product I have found (I've been looking for a long time) that gives ideas and suggestions for making costumes for boys to reenact history activities, like pretending they are living during a specific period and letting them dress the part.  The craft ideas are also wonderful for helping a hands-on learner better understand the periods that are covered by this product. I am so happy I found this and it's helped us quite a lot. Now, to find a pair of football pants before we finish Colonial America! lol"    ~Edwina, March 2017

Try out one of the projects from Recycled History!


  • Print out the picture that you want to copy. We used shields and crests.
  • Trace the picture on the tracing paper with the black marker.
  • Color it with crayons. Use bright colors. Don't color too hard, or the wax will run!
  • Cut out your shield and laminate it to make the colors even brighter. 
  • Hang it up and let the sun shine through!
Grab a copy of Recycled History!

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  1. These look so fun and creative! I've never heard of Recycled History before, but I like what I'm seeing. Thanks for sharing with us all!

    1. They enjoyed making this. :) Thanks for stopping by!